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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Be Best Friend Forever

inget waktu SMP dulu pelajaran speaking disuruh bikin naskah drama ... hmmm lucu banget kalo diinget-inget, ini nih naskahnya... pendek banget. ini namanya coversation biasa, bukan naskah drama :D :D 


In the SMA Negeri 1 Gelumbang, there is a gank consists of 6 girls. All of them are smart and beautiful. One day . . . . .

Diah        : hey girls! Do you know the hot news about JB. Huh?!
Ita         : JB?? What do you mean?
selly       : yeah, who is JB?
Diah        : hello….. don’t you know, the popular teen singer, JB :              Justin Bieber !!!
Dewi        : I see…..the handsome one. I know his songs.
Della       : yeah, “baby…baby…baby…oo…”
Dewi        : ha…ha…ha…
Diah        : yes, he is! The handsome one. I love that song very much.
Della       : I also like the one “favorite girl”. I saw him sang the song very cool.
Dewi        : oh, no….it’s so cool.
Ita n selly : ??? (look so confuse)

       “Kring….kring….”. the bel is ringing. It is the sign that the class have to begin. The girls come in to their class.  They are very focus on their study.

Enda        : Selly, can you help me?
Selly       : sure, I can. What can I do for you?
Enda        : I don’t understand this question. Can you explain more?
Selly       : OK…

        They disscuss each other, help one another…
Actually, most of them live in the same village, so they can learn in group some days.

        “Kring….kring….” !! it is the sign that the class is over. The students walk into school yard, getting ready to go home. And in the side, the gank have a chat.
Ita         : Miss Fitri told us that we will have a new friend.
Della       : a boy?
Enda        : a girl?
Dewi        : come on, girls!! Let Ita finish her information first.
selly       : ha…ha…ha…
Ita         : yeah, I don’t know the detail. She hadn’t let us know yet.
Della n Enda: oh… -_-
Diah n Dewi : ha…ha…ha…
Diah        : let’s see tomorrow!!!

        In the morning, they are ready to go to school. In front of the class, Enda, Della and Selly had been waiting for their friends.
Diah        : hi …!
Enda        : Diah !!  where is the other?
Diah        : I don’t know. I go to here early than them.
Selly n Dewi         : hi… waiting for us, huh?
Ita, Della n Enda    : come on!!!
Dewi                 : what’s up?
Della                : is it about JB?
Selly                : no! it is not! Differently different.
Enda        : yeah, we just know that our new friend is a “boy”.
Ita         : really??!! (look so happy)
Diah        : OMG! Your face save many mysteries. And the fact is… you just say that “he is a boy”  come on…
Della       : ha…ha…ha… yeah, that was we had talked yesterday… we are so curious to     know.
Enda        : yeah, and we got it! ^_^ (smile)
Dewi        : good!! It will be nice to have a new member in our gank.
Selly       : a boy!
Della       : oh no! you don’t think to put him in our gank, do you?
Ita         : it’s a good idea!!!
Diah        : as you know, new member will bring new taste in our gank.
Della       : I don’t think so. I disagree…
              We may have a new member in the class, but not in this group!! (look so angry and leave her friends)
Selly       : why she is very annoying? Huft…

                  They break their friendship…. Della don’t like it. There’s a boy in their group. She is afraid it will annoy them. Dewi n Enda are confuse. They are confuse to choose their friend, Della or “new member” who haven’t come yet. Actually, then they decided to follow Della.
                   In the class….

Diah         : Della, are you angry to us? Please … it’s just an idea.
Della        : ?? sorry, I didn’t mean to be like that. I’m just afraid.
Enda         : Della, this is our new friend. He is Ahmad.
Ahmad        : hi, Della! I’m Ahmad.
 Dewi        : Ahmad is very kind, Della. He is smart.
Ahmad        : thanks. I think Della is a pretty girl. Do u want to my friend?
Della        : yes, I do.
Diah         : ok.. Ahmad will be our good friend now. However, not in the our group.
Ita          : yeah… because, our group is only for girls.
All          : ha… ha… ha…
               Let’s Be Best Friends Forever. ^_^

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