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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My First Journey

Hi ...
I've just learned how to make an article about how to make a craft yesterday. I've long had a blogger account but I rarely manage it. so I now want to start again using my blogger account.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nirmana Tridimensional of Paper

Paper is a material that is easy to come by, a variety of forms and sizes. The paper also has a lot of 

The character of the paper is flexible, easy to fold and easy to set up. The materials used to make the tridimensional nirmana this time is a ruler, pencil, cutter, cardboard, paper asturo, black manila paper, and doubletip.


 straight lines that make up the paper to get a firm impression. At the top there is a curved line    that extends into the match from the right corner and left corner.

The direction of movement of paper glued to the fields and the base. The use of two-dimensional field triggers the direction pad and paper movement and placement.

The form nirmana enough to give a three-dimensional space. Because the base that adjusts. The form of the paper is rectangular and square shaped base.

spot located at the lower edge of the left. Little spot not visible because it is surrounded by the same field.

 the texture of the real, has a value of touch. Because of the paper that is cut and bent into the shape of space.

paper becomes more prominent as the background visible contrast. Has the effect of shadow (dark value).

the impression given by the prominent color of the paper because red background.conclusion:
Malleable character of the paper used to explore seminimalis and simple as possible while still upholding the aesthetic value is not meaningful.

crafts from spatula

This is my first time making crafts. Craft of the material that has become the spatula. is the basis of my woodcraft courses, so your friends who see this work would have thought this is very easy. even a child can. but I am very happy with this result because, although it looks simple, the manufacturing process is a tool that I use my hands hurt,, haha

but finally I could finish well :)
This is a step-by-step preparation

We'll tell you how to make a work by developing products that have been finished. Maybe you already know how to carve a spatula into something different. Because it is the second task of wood craft , but we'll tell you how we do it our way.

Rusma             : Hi Putri, how are you? (cheers)
Putri                : Hello, I am fine. What about you? (smile spirit)
Rusma             : I'm good too. By the way, have you been working on a second task wood craft yet?
Putri                : wah ... I just started doing it, I use a spatula. Let's do it together. (spirit) You take the tools right? What do you use, spatula or rice spoon?
Rusma             : I use rice spoon. the tools that I carry is knife carver (cutter), phosterpaints, brushes, pencils, paint and image patterns pilox transparent and dora and diego that I made last night.
Putri                : I print images and kittygirl and kittyboy pattern.
Rusma             : okay, first of all create a pattern on a spoon or spatula to make easy at the time of carving.
putri                : second, by using a knife carving  or cutter in accordance with the pattern.
Rusma             : then, if it has finished carved, painted with poster paint.
Putri                : after that, wait until the paint is completely dry. And if it has dried, spray with transparent paint pilox to make it look more shiny.
Rusma             : okay, this is the modification of the spatula or ladle.

thanks :)